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Ford Transit 2015-2023 Front Door Shades (Set)

Ford Transit 2015-2023 Front Door Shades (Set)

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2015-2022 Ford Transit Mid / High roof Front Door Shades (Set) - Front Driver and Front Passenger windows.

Watch our Window Cover Installation Demo on Youtube.

  • Ford Transit 2015-2022 Mid / High Roof vans

    • Mounts using N52 magnets
    • Blackout window shades for complete privacy
    • FirstFit colored tab system:
      • No more fumbling around trying to figure out which way is left, right, up, or down.
      • With FirstFit, if you know your left from your right, you can quickly install our shades with confidence.
      • Just remember the b(L)ue color tag is for the driver side [left] windows and g(R)een is for passenger [right] side windows.
      • Colored tag location indicate the top of the shade. That’s it!
    • 5mm thick closed-cell foam insulation; reflects 97% of radiant heat; not affected by moisture or humidity
    • UV resistant Pack Cloth (Silver exterior, Black interior)
    • Our premium van window covers are made in the USA. Designed, cut, and sewn in California.
    • Your satisfaction is guaranteed and our quality is unmatched. Chose VanModular for your van window cover today!
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